List of Packers and Movers from Delhi to Kerala

List of Packers and Movers from Delhi to Kerala

Today Fast Pace life has everything but time and when a challenge in job and often changing jobs and adjusting every new place is even cause a bigger challenge. But amongst all this when family has to move to new place with all your valuables and priced possession finding a Good Movers and Packers or Good Relocation companies for moving luggage from Delhi to Kerala eases the pain in relocation process a Little.

But Real challenge is here is to find a professional movers and packers for shifting to Kerala from Delhi .This is a challenge to find a right moving perfect in every area. We understand what exactly required making your process simple, easy and fun. Our Expert Panel team from the Relocation industry have carefully chosen the best packing and moving companies i.e. good packers and movers and amongst the top movers and packers to help you shift your personal household or office belonging from Delhi to Kerala to make your every move i.e. Relocation very careful and Special one.

Every Chosen Relocation company are closely reviewed on their track record and closely monitored for utmost safety in your Relocation process from Delhi to Kerala. Our Expert Panel and our customers feedback or customers review for past 12 months .We suggest or recommend only those movers and packers for shifting your luggage from Delhi to Kerala that fulfils our strict criteria and has a minimum work experience of 24+ months and average star rating above 4+ on the scale of 5 by your reviews. Hiring a relocation companies has become a necessity for an individual as time is always a constraint and handling a multiple jobs such as packing and moving furniture and arranging man power and hiring a local truck and organizing these multiple jobs in a single move is the biggest challenge. So it is always a simple to hire a good movers and packers for transporting packed items from Delhi to Kerala for the job. This is rather simple than coordinating with multiple teams to save cost.


Who are Team Packers and Movers?

Team packers and movers, the expert portal for hiring moving companies in home shifting, car/ bike moving and office relocation when it comes to searching shifting services from Delhi to Kerala . We are led by industry giants with good experience in the packing, shifting and relocation vertical.

Relocation Guide When Moving from Delhi to Kerala :

Intercity relocation from Delhi to Kerala needs professional packers and movers with offices and warehouses Facility services also. The Moving Company when hired to transport household items they are also essential required to be packed. So when hiring a good relocation firm for shifting your valuable assets they would professionally Pack all your items using the highest Quality of Packaging materials, Experienced and skilled staff would be assisting you with Loading and unloading services at destination. To make things very easy for customers the moving company will also deploy a experienced Site supervisor who would be monitoring and controlling the shifting process and will also prepare the documentation for transit.


What are the things that can be moved with Moving companies?

Moving business is highly customized and you can move just about anything be it shifting a  complete household moving or even a single item shifting to Kerala . All you are required to do is call the movers and packers in Delhi and discuss your shifting requirement with them they would be able to customize the service which is tailored made to your taste and preference.

Some of the major and frequent services offered by Delhi packers and Movers:

  1. Domestic House Shifting:

This is the most commonly and highly in demand service offered by packers and movers companies, the moving companies will help your pack all the household domestic items and transport to the Kerala location in a Quick time. And customers need not worry if you have fewer items for moving our professional expert team of packers and movers companies will also be able to offer shared moving services to Kerala .

  1. Car/Bike Transport:

You got only the vehicle to be transported, and then worry no more. Get your two-wheeler or four wheeler vehicle transported with packing door to door service without any scratches or dents to worry the least for Car/Bike transport at economical cost.

  1. Luggage Shifting:

If are a working professional or student and have less items for transportation, then our team of movers and packers would be able to offer the small moving services.

  1. Carton Box Moving:

We would be offering high quality cardboard boxes for shifting books and cloths and other basis household items for safe transportation to Kerala from Delhi. All cardboard boxes are of high quality and will be strapped and stretch wrapped for maximum security and for hassle free shifting.

  1. Office Moving:

Office furniture, Documents, chairs or desktops will be packed by a professional packing team using the superior quality packaging material for maximum security with proper handling of valuables during loading and unloading and quick transportation arrival at Kerala without wasting time.

  1. Cargo transport:

Looking to hire transport service from Delhi to Kerala for commercial items, well we have experienced team of transporters who would be able to offer Quick cargo transport solution at a affordable freight Charges.

  1. Insurance:

All your shipments after packing still there is chances of mishap during road transport to Kerala , Accidents can happen and are in control. To avoid such a high risk situation you can protect your hard earned belonging by taking a transit Insurance with your moving company.

  1. Documents for Bill Claims:

 Many employers demand document from the employees for settling the relocation bills after they have moved. To avoid you with loss our moving companies will provide all the required documents for packers and movers Bills for claim purpose. Documents should be collected from the moving company and should be submitted to your company for quick claim process. Necessary documents required for claiming purpose are-

  1. LR Copy / Lorry Receipt / Consignment copy.
  2. Packing List /Inventory List
  3. Invoice/ Bills
  4. Cash Receipt.


Process of Shifting Things from Delhi to Kerala :

Intercity or Outside City Moving household things from one state to another state requires lot of planning and preparation to make things hassle free. Process of shifting household things from Delhi to Kerala is as Follows:

  1. Paper and Pen: You are required to make list of moving companies from Best and professional to Cheapest moving companies in Delhi, Make the list of packers and movers on a paper with their contact number, Name of the person and Address. You can start with packers and movers near me on the search tab in search engine. Choose at least 5 top moving companies in Delhi
  2. Call you Moving companies: Once you have the list of moving companies with you, you are required to call them and share your moving list of items with all the moving details Like
  1. Share Items List that you plan to Shift.
  2. Pick up Location Details like Floor occupancy, Lift service facility and area of pickup location.
  3. Drop Location details like Floor occupancy, Lift service facility and area of drop location.

And seek a telephonic Estimate for shifting things.

  1. Check Moving Companies Review: Once you have selected your choice of movers for the job, and then check online reviews about the moving firm online and also seek reference of the customers who have used their services.
  2. Physical Home Survey: Once you are happy with your choice get the moving companies to do home survey but, during covid 19 pandemic situation you can also make a video call and let the movers know about the things are at your home. If your moving company and you are willing for physical home survey collect the actual quote and read all the terms and conditions before signing of finalizing the Estimate.
  3. Fix a Moving Date: Upon agreeing with the moving estimate provided by your movers and packers let them know when you want the things to collect. Fixing date make things easier.
  4. Reminder Call: Please remind your moving company on day prior to shifting things. Always making sure is a wise thing to do and avoid conflict at the last minute.

On the Moving Day Process:  Pickup Day-Packers and movers Job Starts

On the moving day the packers and movers team would come with a sufficient packing supply to pack your items and manpower to do loading at the Home location.

  1. Dismantling:  Home shifting providers will bring right tools to dismantle your furniture and pack them professionally with good quality packaging materials for easier handling of your furniture and to avoid damage free moving.
  2. Packing: Packaging will be provided to all your household items be it electronic goods like fridge, Television, Sofa set, Dining table, Dining chairs, Dish washer and washing machine. And all your cloths and kitchen utilities like pots and pans, groceries will be packed to perfection in to the high quality cardboard boxes.
  3. Labeling: Once things are getting packed our site supervisor from the moving team would label all the packed items individually to avoid the loss of items.
  4. Documentation: Once all the items are professional packed and labeled the site supervisor will prepare inventory list and other document necessary for hassle free transportation.
  5. Loading: After the documentation is provide the supervisor will instruct the loading team to start the loading process. The labors will safely hand pick all your items and move to the truck and arrange it safely for easy and damage free transportation under the supervision.
  6. Transportation: Well experienced and well maintained truck is driven by valid driving license holder, the driver will use the shortest and fastest route to deliver your goods safely at destination at scheduled time.

On the Drop Day Process:

On the arrival of truck at the destination, the unloading labor team will quickly start the unloading the goods from the truck.

  1. Unloading: All the labeled items are double check during the unloading and item wise unloading the items will start from the truck to your new house.
  2. Reassembly: Once goods all unloaded our unpacking team at drop location will put all your furniture back and reassemble them at your desired place at home.

After the successful completion of domestic relocation you will be asked to sign the document for the receipt of goods.


What is cost of Transporting household things with Packers and movers from Delhi to Kerala?

Packers and Movers from Delhi to Kerala Charges are dependent upon various factors mentioned below

  1. Number of Items:

This is easily among the primary cost factors as number of items more means more space area required in the truck. So more the household items bigger the truck size required for shifting.

  1. Packaging cost:

If you have more items for transportation to Kerala , then it will add to your packing cost as it requires more packaging materials for protection.

  1. Pickup Point and Drop Point delivery:

It also depends which part of the city the pickup is required to done, as there is a cost for local pickup, so it is always best recommended to hire a nearby packers and movers company to save on pickup cost. But, when moving large items it matters the least where your pickup location is. Pickup location place major factors when you are moving less items or fewer items.

  1. Manpower cost:

It is quite obvious if you have to move larger piece of furniture or heavy goods like sofa set, almirah, wardrobe or Chester’s we need more working hands, that means more labors required for loading and unloading and if things have to be moved to higher ground say second floor with no lift facility then additional manpower cost and likewise for fewer items we need less labors for the job.


How to make a household moving from Delhi to Kerala a pleasant Experience?

We humans always look for things to be pleasant and comfortable and strive for happy experiences in our life and it is equally true when you’re relocating household things from Delhi to Kerala . We all plan things but many usually terribly fail when things go out of control. But making a very informed decision can make moving lot simpler and   make a shifting a pleasant and happy experience.

  1. Start Planning Earlier:

It always best advised to start your shifting plan about 30 days in advance. Early start is always best way to move rather than holding your decision to the final minute and then make some nasty decision with unfavorable situation. Please avoid hiring a last minute movers and packers as you can be end up hiring a not so professional company for the job and end up losing your valuables to fake shifting companies. So, start to plan your shifting process from making the list of packers and movers from Delhi to Kerala at least 30 days in advance.

  1. Visit Packers and Movers Office:

Having decide your choice of moving company for shifting from Delhi to Kerala , try visiting the packers and movers office and discuss in person after collecting the moving estimation. You may wish to know it is necessary to visit moving company office? It is very important to know that the company you have hired for shifting job is actually having a physical location. When visiting moving companies office you get to know about the firms work culture and how they address the customers. A well behaved company will always keeps Customer first.

  1. De-cluttering:

Having sufficient time in hand it is always best suggested to remove the unwanted baggage before the arrival of moving company. This is not only help you save on packing cost but also make things more organized. Less items means more focus and get to have full control when moving companies are packing the items. This will also reduce the packing time for moving companies during relocating things from Delhi to Kerala .

  1. Pack Yourself:

When time is on your side you take advantage of it. Always pack important documents, Cash , Jewelry, Certificates in your personal baggage and keep it separately before the arrival of moving team. This will help you keep most valuables things in your own safe custody and do not have to regret in they are lost. Try to carry them along with yourself to your new city.

  1. Inform Authorities:

When shifting you is requiring new gas connection at Kerala on your arrival, it means you are required to inform all your authorities about your change in address. Please do it ASAP and not for the last minute

  1. Gas Connection
  2. Postal Department
  3. Insurance Company
  4. Credit Card Company
  5. Bank
  6. Courier company

   Please ask these service providers to make changes in their record so that you do not miss important communication.


Qualities to Look in for in Packers and Movers when Shifting from Delhi to Kerala

It is our basic human nature to save money in every transaction we make, and it is also true when we book a moving agency for relocating our stuff. We always like to have a cheapest moving company and reliable too. But, it’s far from reality. These types of companies does not exist either the moving company in cheap that can offer reasonable service and safety and other is expensive moving companies that offers very high end professional moving services but very hard on pocket. But, you can always find a way out and find good moving companies that take enough care to avoid damages and easy on pocket too we call them pocket friendly moving companies. But, there are few qualities that make them truly market leaders. Qualities to look in packing and moving companies when shifting from Delhi to Kerala are mentioned below-

  1. Customer Approach

How companies treat their customers speaks volume about the team. I would always rank this factor primarily as a firm they should be treating their customers high. They should be communicating all the risk involved in moving as their cannot be RISK free moving. Ever moving has some amount of risk involved, so as a company they should openly communicate and make customers aware of possible risk involved in moving. A company that hides facts should be strictly not to be considered for moving.

  1. Ethics

If company that does not have a policy In place should be ignored. There are many moving companies which do not give final moving estimate and always comes with hidden charges and dupe the customers. I always suggest engaging moving services that provides the full and final amount to customers with absolutely no hidden Charges. So companies that have ethics will always be the winner.

  1. Workforce

Company that treats their employees like assets and respects their work and efforts will always care for customers too. Companies like these will always train and impart training time to time for the best of business and also care for employee’s safety.

  1. Skills

Using latest technology is also important quality that should be seen. Companies that stay update with the use of latest technology be it at communication or using GPS on the vehicle will help customer’s confidence. So moving companies that always upgrade their skills and adapt latest technology will make things lot more easily for customers to win confidence.

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